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model = AutoAdapterModel.from_pretrained("roberta-base")
model.load_adapter("AdapterHub/roberta-base-pf-pmb_sem_tagging", source="hf")


Adapter AdapterHub/roberta-base-pf-pmb_sem_tagging for roberta-base

An adapter for the roberta-base model that was trained on the semtag/pmb dataset and includes a prediction head for tagging.

This adapter was created for usage with the adapter-transformers library.


First, install adapter-transformers:

pip install -U adapter-transformers

Note: adapter-transformers is a fork of transformers that acts as a drop-in replacement with adapter support. More

Now, the adapter can be loaded and activated like this:

from transformers import AutoModelWithHeads

model = AutoModelWithHeads.from_pretrained("roberta-base")
adapter_name = model.load_adapter("AdapterHub/roberta-base-pf-pmb_sem_tagging", source="hf")
model.active_adapters = adapter_name

Architecture & Training

The training code for this adapter is available at In particular, training configurations for all tasks can be found here.

Evaluation results

Refer to the paper for more information on results.


If you use this adapter, please cite our paper "What to Pre-Train on? Efficient Intermediate Task Selection":

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Pre-trained model
Adapter type
Prediction Head
Semantic Tagging


  "adapter_residual_before_ln": false,
  "cross_adapter": false,
  "inv_adapter": null,
  "inv_adapter_reduction_factor": null,
  "leave_out": [],
  "ln_after": false,
  "ln_before": false,
  "mh_adapter": false,
  "non_linearity": "relu",
  "original_ln_after": true,
  "original_ln_before": true,
  "output_adapter": true,
  "reduction_factor": 16,
  "residual_before_ln": true


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